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This is how it works, this domain it’s a network marketing that shares its profits with the members, let’s say you refer and if people buy a membership because of your referrals, you´ll get commissions, check out their web page.
How do they deposit money to you?
Answer: ask them, since they have several options, i.e gpay wallet. 

Most sites do not share their wealth with their members, site such as “phayzb0k, ins’t@gr4m, tuee-t-er, way-vo, etc… “ Overflod is one of many sites that share its profits.
If seeing is believing then doing it is proving. 
Great sample of how you don't need lots of money to start, it's like you grow a tomato with single seed or how about growing corn, it only started with a single seed, and if you need more evidence this is true, then watch the video.
Now it’s up to you to decide if you want the best, then subscribe to the best use the Sponsor code jose874012 in the area of Assisted Registration. Good luck and win money!

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